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Группа Компаний Аль Сар
г. Уфа, ул. Самаркандская, 1/5
Тел.\факс: +7 (347) 235-63-83 (многоканальный)

г. Москва, ул. Лобачика д.14, метро Красносельская
Тел. +7 (495) 604-10-75, 604-15-76

Сеть спортивных магазинов Чемпион
Россия, Калининград
ул. Портовая 1, ул. Советский пр-т 39, Горького 19Б
Tел. +7 (4012) 61-13-33

Megasport LLC
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel.: +374 11 519898
34 Arshakunyats ave. Yerevan Mall
Tel.: +374 11 519911
Facebook: Megasport Armenia

Trenazhery. Premium only
Outlet "Manufactura", #219
Novoobuhivske road 2
Hodosivka Kiev
Тел.: +380503121922, +380674481543

26 Rybalko str
mob: +375296765468

м-н Ритони Спорт
гр, Бургас – 8000
ул. Цар Калоян 162
тел. +359 56 874470
факс +359 56 874460
мобилен. +359 88 886 0400

Спортен склад
Дружба 2, бл.283а
гр.София - 1000
Tel. +359/88 8827355

Str. Hanul Morii 42
Тел.: +373 22 92 7054
Тел./факс: +373 22 53 5879

ТОО "Virgo Co.Ltd"
г. Алматы
Микрорайон Сайран дом 14, оф. 406
Республика Казахстан
Тел. +7-727-249-51-38, +7-727-249-51-56
Мобильный тел.:+7-777-00-222-32, +7-701-754-15-08

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HAMMER SPORT supports Bundesliga Icehockey Team from Augsburg

HAMMER SPORT supports Bundesliga Icehockey Team from Augsburg

HAMMER SPORT is new sponsorship partner of Augsburg Panthers. The gym of the club now is equipped with brand new top-quality speed bikes and kettlebells.
“We are fascinated from the appealing appearance, the professional development center and the personality of the whole team of the “Panthers”. As the leading manufacturer of sports equipment in the region we are very proud to support such an ambitious team, especially concerning the fitness qualities needed for their sport.” Jens Lengwenus, Marketing director at HAMMER STORES GmbH.
Martin Horber, shareholder of Augsburger Panther Eishockey GmbH confirms the strong cooperation: “We are very proud to have HAMMER SPORT AG as professional partner. With the HAMMER store in Augsburg we do have a strong and local partner on our doorstep. We are expecting a long-lasting partnership.”
The gym was equipped with our “Speedbikes Pro” for the warm-up before the training. For the cool-down after the training sessions high-quality kettlebells are waiting for functional workouts.